Learn Argentine Tango

Thinking of learning to dance Argentine Tango... you've seen it danced... you've listened to the music... you "just know" it's a fantastic dance... perhaps you feel you have two left feet... no such thing; you can walk so you can learn to dance tango... start with our classes for beginners and dance on from there.

We provide Argentine tango classes, workshops and practicas for all levels of experience in several locations around Melbourne... Gardenvale in South East Melbourne; Clifton Hill in North East Melbourne and Woodend in the Macedon Ranges. 

Argentine tango originated from the streets of Buenos Aires over one hundred years ago. Modern tango, now danced the world over, is a versatile partner dance, being completely improvised and 'in the moment'. Tango is fluid, sensual and dynamic with a strong emphasis on connection between two people. Learning Argentine tango is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. For many, tango is both an addiction and a way of life.

Dancing Argentine tango is both a physical activity and a form of release, almost meditative, whereby you forget the day and succumb to the dance.  

We Love Beginners

We teach beginners through to advanced for all levels of ability and fitness. 

Our syllabus will introduce you to the most popular styles of Argentine tango: traditional tango; tango vals; tango milonga and tango nuevo(new tango).

Join us for group classes, practicas, milongas (social dancing) and workshops throughout the year. Attend on your own or with a partner. Everyone is welcome. Check out our timetable.