Learn Argentine Tango

Argentine tango originated from the streets of Buenos Aires over one hundred years ago.

Modern tango is now a versatile partner dance, being completely improvised and 'in the moment'. Tango is fluid, sensual and dynamic with a strong emphasis on connection between two people. Learning to lead and follow is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. For many, tango is both an addiction and a way of life.

Dancing Argentine tango is both a mental and physical activity as it encourages posture, coordination, balance and musicality. Our syllabus will introduce you to the most popular styles of Argentine tango: traditional, vals, milonga and nuevo. Learn more about tango.

We Love Beginners

We teach beginners through to advanced for all levels of ability and fitness. Bring a partner and trial your first class for the price of one!

Join us for group classes, practicas, milongas (social dancing) and workshops throughout the year. Attend on your own or with a partner. Everyone's welcome. Check out our timetable .

Tango in Melbourne

Melbourne is currently home to a very active social tango scene with dancers of all ages and skill. It can be danced at any number of milongas throughout the week. Special events, workshops, performances, and even tango retreats are regular throughout the year.

Melbourne is also fortunate to be frequented by international master teachers from Buenos Aires and around the world with workshops, private lessons and performances.

And of course ....... Tango in Buenos Aires

Having taken classes, private lessons, attended milongas and practicas and bought some shoes the next logical step is to visit Buenos Aires.  Not only is Buenos Aires the home of tango, it has great shopping (and shoes!), architecture, food, and is a city with friendly people and a "vibrant energy" with something happening almost 24/7.

Tango Tambien and a group of enthusiasts have just spent some time in Buenos Aires and we planning to head to Argentina in September 2014.  Exact dates will be decided early in 2014.   If you are interested please contact Leigh.